Australia, Asia & Alaska - Sydney to Vancouver

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Combine Komodo & the Australian Coast, Bangkok, Bali & Beyond, Southeast Asia & Hong Kong, Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage for a remarkable 79-day journey. From the "Land Down Under" and Indonesia to Indochina and the northern reaches of America's last frontier, join locals and delve with them into an astonishing array of cultural treasures and breathtaking natural wonders. Overnights in 13 ports bring your destinations into sharp focus.

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  • One complimentary shore excursion in every port of call
  • Unlimited free Wi-Fi
  • Alternative restaurant dining at no extra charge
  • 24-hour room service
  • Beer, wine & soft drinks with onboard lunch & dinner
  • 24-hour specialty coffees, teas & bottled water
  • Access to top-rated spa & state-of-the-art fitness center
  • Self-service launderettes
  • Port taxes & fees
  • Ground transfers with Viking Air purchase


  • Private veranda
  • King-size Viking Explorer Bed with luxury linens & pillows
  • Separate seating area
  • 42" flat-screen LCD TV with intuitive remote & complimentary Movies On Demand
  • 110/220 volt outlets & USB ports
  • Spacious closet & drawers
  • Mini-bar; security safe; hair dryer
  • Spacious glass-enclosed shower
  • Heated bathroom floor & anti-fog mirror
  • Premium Freyja toiletries; plush robes & slippers
  • Stateroom steward & twice-daily housekeeping

    Day By Day

    Day 1 - Sydney, Australia

    Spectacular Sydney is celebrated for its magnificent harbor and iconic Opera House.

    Day 2 - Newcastle, Australia

    Newcastle's coast is graced with high cliffs, sweeping beaches and manmade ocean baths.

    Day 3 - Cruise the Australian Coast

    From Aboriginal fishing boats to timber barges, the waters along the Australian Coast have been plied for centuries.

    Day 4 - Brisbane, Australia

    Set on scenic Moreton Bay, Brisbane is a vibrant center for Australian arts and design.

    Day 5 - Cruise the Australian Coast

    Australia's East Coast lures surfers and beach lovers with its picturesque shores and dramatic waves.

    Day 6 - Whitsunday Islands (Hamilton Island), Australia

    Pure-white sands meet cerulean waters in the Whitsundays, an island paradise.

    Day 7 - Townsville, Australia

    An inviting urban seaside haven, Townsville is a favorite cultural center.

    Day 8 - Cairns, Australia

    The seaside resort of Cairns is Australia's gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

    Day 9 - Cruise the Coral Sea

    The Coral Sea, a paradise for divers, is pure pleasure to cruise.

    Day 10 - Thursday Island, Australia

    Picturesque Thursday Island was once home to a thriving pearl fishing industry.

    Day 11 - Cruise the Arafura Sea

    The Arafura's seabed, once a dry land bridge between continents, allowed early human migrations.

    Day 12 - Darwin, Australia

    Hub of Australia's Top End, Darwin is a lively center of arts and culture.

    Day 13 - Darwin, Australia

    Darwin, a relaxed city, is the largest in Australia's Northern Territory.

    Day 14 - Cruise the Timor Sea

    The shallow Timor Sea has long been traveled by Indonesia's indigenous people.

    Day 15 - Komodo, Indonesia

    A magnificent menagerie, Komodo Island is home to its namesake dragon.

    Day 16 - Lombok, Indonesia

    Rich in Balinese heritage, Lombok was a major outpost of the Dutch East Indies.

    Day 17 - Bali, Indonesia

    A thriving arts scene complements Bali's lush beauty and magnificent seaside vistas.

    Day 18 - Bali, Indonesia

    Some of Bali's revered temples are carved from white coral, harvested from the sea.

    Day 19 - Surabaya, Java, Indonesia

    The capital of East Java, Surabaya is a diverse patchwork of vibrant cultures.

    Day 20 - Semarang, Java, Indonesia

    Outside Semarang, the massive pyramidal Borobudur temple attracts countless pilgrims.

    Day 21 - Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

    In Jakarta, timeless traditions including wayang kulit, Javanese shadow puppetry, endure.

    Day 22 - Jakarta, Java, Indonesia

    Formerly known as Batavia, Jakarta is a rich tapestry of native and colonial traditions.

    Day 23 - Cruise the Java Sea

    The shallow Java Sea was once traversed by the Dutch East India Company.

    Day 24 - Singapore, Singapore

    The world's only island city-state, Singapore is a sophisticated metropolis.

    Day 25 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The magnificent Petronas Towers are the centerpiece of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital.

    Day 26 - Cruise the Java Sea

    The shallow Java Sea was once traversed by the Dutch East India Company.

    Day 27 - Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Thailand

    The Gulf of Thailand, set amid mountains, is home to Irrawaddy and Chinese white dolphins.

    Day 28 - Bangkok, Thailand

    In the gilded temples of Bangkok, spread throughout the city, Thailand's Buddha is venerated.

    Day 29 - Bangkok, Thailand

    Siam of old, Bangkok is beautifully set on the Chao Phraya River.

    Day 30 - Bangkok, Thailand

    Bangkok is a repository of cherished gold, teak, and jade treasures.

    Day 31 - Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    The relaxed seaside city of Sihanoukville is perched on the end of a scenic peninsula.

    Day 32 - Sihanoukville, Cambodia

    With its sandy seashore and turquoise waters, Sihanoukville is a prime Cambodian resort.

    Day 33 - Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Thailand

    The Gulf of Thailand, set amid mountains, is home to Irrawaddy and Chinese white dolphins.

    Day 34 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh City exudes a heady mix of French and Vietnamese cultures.

    Day 35 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh City's wide boulevards, lined with architectural gems, are reminiscent of Paris.

    Day 36 - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh City's Old Saigon area blends French colonial and Vietnamese architecture.

    Day 37 - Cruise the South China Sea

    The storied South China Sea has carried both emperors and traders.

    Day 38 - Da Nang, Vietnam

    A bustling cultural center, Da Nang is rich in Cham, Vietnamese and American history.

    Day 39 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    According to local lore, Ha Long Bay's magnificent landscape was created by dragons.

    Day 40 - Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    Ha Long Bay is a spellbinding canvas of towering limestone karst islands.

    Day 41 - Haikou, China

    Haikou's Old Town is a blend of colonial-era Portuguese and French facades.

    Day 42 - Hong Kong, China

    Bustling Victoria Harbor, with its stunning vistas, is the heart of Hong Kong.

    Day 43 - Hong Kong, China

    Hong Kong is home to long-cherished Eastern traditions amid modern Western sensibilities.

    Day 44 - Hong Kong, China

    Traditional sampans and modern yachts ply the scenic waters of Hong Kong's sheltered Victoria Harbor.

    Day 45 - Cruise the East China Sea

    The East China Sea, one of the four seas of legend, has a storied history.

    Day 46 - Taipei, China

    Taipei exudes an intriguing blend of Chinese, Japanese and Western influences.

    Day 47 - Cruise the East China Sea

    The East China Sea carried early traders from afar to the shores of Shanghai.

    Day 48 - Kagoshima, Japan

    Set in the shadow of a towering volcano, Kagoshima's scenic bay is a sunken caldera.

    Day 49 - Nagasaki, Japan

    East and West converge in Nagasaki, where Dutch traders resided for two centuries.

    Day 50 - Busan, South Korea

    South Korea's "second city," Busan boasts 17 centuries of history.

    Day 51 - Hiroshima, Japan

    Hiroshima's Peace Memorial Park embodies its residents' hopes for the future.

    Day 52 - Hiroshima, Japan

    Resilient Hiroshima has been gloriously rebuilt as a modern, forward-looking city.

    Day 53 - Osaka, Japan

    Osaka is home to ancient shrines that draw pilgrims from all over Japan.

    Day 54 - Shimizu, Japan

    Watched over by Mt. Fuji's snowy, symmetrical cone, Shimizu enjoys a dramatic setting.

    Day 55 - Shimizu, Japan

    Shimizu, long a thriving harbor town, exports green tea leaves cultivated in nearby hills.

    Day 56 - Tokyo, Japan

    Lively capital of the "Land of the Rising Sun," Tokyo is the cultural heart of Japan.

    Day 57 - Tokyo, Japan

    Energetic Tokyo is a spellbinding blend of towering skyscrapers and tranquil Shinto shrines.

    Day 58 - Tokyo, Japan

    Once a tiny fishing village, Tokyo's history was shaped by emperors and shoguns.

    Day 59 - Scenic Cruising: Tsugaru Strait

    The Tsugaru Strait is surrounded by the green slopes of Japan's dramatic coastal mountains.

    Day 60 - Sapporo (Otaru), Japan

    The cultural center of Hokkaido, Sapporo is renowned for its traditional cuisine.

    Day 61 - Sapporo (Otaru), Japan

    Sapporo's lovely green spaces, shrines and markets are spread at the foot of Mt. Moiwa.

    Day 62 - Korsakov, Russia

    Korsakov enjoys a bayside setting at the southern end of Sakhalin Island.

    Day 63 - Cruise the Sea of Okhotsk

    Cruise the waters of the Sea of Okhotsk today, named for the first Russian settlement in the Far East.

    Day 64 - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

    Ringed by volcanoes, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is an important Russian settlement.

    Day 65 - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

    Set in scenic hills by the Sea of Okhotsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a fishing center.

    Day 66-67 - Cruise the Bering Sea

    This body of water is named for Danish explorer Vitus Bering, who under Russian service chartered these waters in 1728.

    Day 68 - Dutch Harbor, United States

    Alaska's scenic Dutch Harbor was once central to the Russian fur trade.

    Day 69 - Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Alaska

    The Gulf of Alaska is surrounded by lush forests, soaring mountains and gleaming glaciers.

    Day 70 - Kodiak, United States

    Kodiak, "Alaska's Emerald Isle," is a fascinating blend of Alutiiq and Russian heritage.

    Day 71 - Seward, United States

    Seward enjoys a scenic setting, nestled between soaring peaks on Resurrection Bay.

    Day 72 - Valdez, United States

    Valdez enjoys a breathtaking setting in a deep-cut fjord in Prince William Sound.

    Day 73 - Scenic Cruising: Yakutat Bay

    Yakutat Bay, fed by the Hubbard Glacier, is surrounded by snow-covered mountain slopes.

    Day 74 - Icy Strait Point, United States

    A former canning station, Icy Strait Point is steeped in Tlingit heritage.

    Day 75 - Sitka, United States

    Scenic Sitka is a fascinating mix of Tlingit and Russian culture.

    Day 76 - Ketchikan, United States

    Ketchikan is home to the world's largest collection of standing totem poles.

    Day 77-78 - Scenic Cruising: The Inside Passage

    The Inside Passage winds through a fjord-like maze of snowcapped mountains and emerald islands.

    Day 79 - Vancouver, Canada

    Set between mountains and sea, Vancouver boasts endless cultural and natural riches.

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    Day 1Sydney  
    Day 2Newcastle  
    Day 3Cruise the Australian Coast  
    Day 4Brisbane  
    Day 5Cruise the Australian Coast  
    Day 6Whitsunday Islands (Hamilton Island)  
    Day 7Townsville  
    Day 8Cairns  
    Day 9Cruise the Coral Sea  
    Day 10Thursday Island  
    Day 11Cruise the Arafura Sea  
    Day 12Darwin  
    Day 13Darwin  
    Day 14Cruise the Timor Sea  
    Day 15Komodo  
    Day 16Lombok  
    Day 17Bali  
    Day 18Bali  
    Day 19Surabaya  
    Day 20Semarang  
    Day 21Jakarta  
    Day 22Jakarta  
    Day 23Cruise the Java Sea  
    Day 24Singapore  
    Day 25Kuala Lumpur  
    Day 26Cruise the Java Sea  
    Day 27Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Thailand  
    Day 28Bangkok  
    Day 29Bangkok  
    Day 30Bangkok  
    Day 31Sihanoukville  
    Day 32Sihanoukville  
    Day 33Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Thailand  
    Day 34Ho Chi Minh City  
    Day 35Ho Chi Minh City  
    Day 36Ho Chi Minh City  
    Day 37Cruise the South China Sea  
    Day 38Da Nang  
    Day 39Ha Long Bay  
    Day 40Ha Long Bay  
    Day 41Haikou  
    Day 42Hong Kong  
    Day 43Hong Kong  
    Day 44Hong Kong  
    Day 45Cruise the East China Sea  
    Day 46Taipei  
    Day 47Cruise the East China Sea  
    Day 48Kagoshima  
    Day 49Nagasaki  
    Day 50Busan  
    Day 51Hiroshima  
    Day 52Hiroshima  
    Day 53Osaka  
    Day 54Shimizu  
    Day 55Shimizu  
    Day 56Tokyo  
    Day 57Tokyo  
    Day 58Tokyo  
    Day 59Scenic Cruising: Tsugaru Strait  
    Day 60Otaru  
    Day 61Otaru  
    Day 62Korsakov  
    Day 63Cruise the Sea of Okhotsk  
    Day 64Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky  
    Day 65Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky  
    Day 66-67Cruise the Bering Sea  
    Day 68Dutch Harbor  
    Day 69Scenic Cruising: Gulf of Alaska  
    Day 70Kodiak  
    Day 71Seward  
    Day 72Valdez  
    Day 73Scenic Cruising: Yakutat Bay  
    Day 74Icy Strait Point  
    Day 75Sitka  
    Day 76Ketchikan  
    Day 77-78Scenic Cruising: The Inside Passage  
    Day 79Vancouver  

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